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To visit in Val Badia

Places of interest and museums not to miss out on

If you are looking for something to do during a day of bad weather, a cultural place to visit, a characteristic museum or a walk which will impress you then here are some propositions.

Museum Ladin San Martino in Badia

The museum is located in the castle which reigns over the village of San Martino in Badia and is dedicated to the Ladin culture and its territory. Geology, the Ladin language, customs and heritage, crafts, history, economy, archaeology and traditions are all aspects that are dealt with, the exhibitions are done in an interesting and involving way inside the museum.

Museum Ursus Ladinicus San Cassiano

Just a few years ago at Conturines massif slope there was a sensational discovery. In a cave several skeletons and bones of cave bears were found, amongst which those of a species that beforehand had never been discovered. The museum Ursus Ladinicus in San Cassiano is dedicated to cave bears, their habitats and to the development of their habitats during a process that lasted millions of years.

Mill vally Val di Morins Longiarù

Extremely important and testament to the past history of economic sustenance in Val Badia are the water mills which have been well maintained and of which there are numerous along the Seres river in Longiarù. In the village of the community of San Martino in Badia there's an easy path that allows you to discover the testimony to this past in the middle of the beautiful "Viles" di Seres e Mischi, residential dwellings characteristic of Val Badia.

St. Magdalena Villnöss

Like a picture postcard of the beautiful church in Ranui and of the vertical shapes and fragments of Geisler at the rear. Not far from Antermoia, this village in Val di Funes is the birthplace of the famous Alpine mountaineer Reinhold Messner and merits a visit due to its beautiful landscape.

Holy Cross Sanctuary Badia

Another photographic emblem that is extremely appreciated is the Santa Croce sanctuary at the foot of Sass dla Crusc (Sasso Croce). This small church with an adjacent hut was built in 1400 and is a place of pilgrim for lots of Christians. With its 2045 m of altitude the view of Alta Badia is spectacular. This place can also be reached by the chair lift which leaves from Badia.