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An excursionist's paradise in South Tyrol

Antermoia: The most beautiful paths, views and excursions

The lively village of Antermoia like the rest of the community of San Martino in Badia is the right choice for those who love to spend their holidays with excursions, in beautiful landscapes and in close contact with nature. Far away from the most-visited villages of Val Badia you'll have the possibility to enjoy the peacefulness of these places and along walks amongst the most beautiful in the Dolomites.

We are located at the edge of the Puez-Geisler nature park and just a short distance from the Fanes-Sennes-Prags park which is located on the other side of the valley. Since 2009 both areas have been part of UNESCO's World Natural Heritage sites, testament to their extraordinary value in terms of landscapes.

Paths leave directly from our pension which cater for all levels of difficulty. Suitable for families with children, but also for expert mountaineers. The enormous choice of excursions makes Antermoia a real excursionist's paradise for walking or trekking in the most beautiful places in Südtirol.

  • Ciasota Frapes

    Path that starts from Pensione Frapes, very easy and relaxing which brings you close to the bishop's forest. Ideal for a walk before or after dinner or for jogging in the morning.

    Lakes Munt de Rina

    An easy walk suitable for all periods of the year on an alpine plain away from the hustle and bustle and where absolute peace reigns. Panorama dominated by small alpine lakes, Sasso Putia and other further away summits. You can get there from the village of Rina but also directly from the village of Antermoia.

    Sasso Putia round

    The most popular tour nearby. You can participate also from our pension which consists of a round tour towards the beautiful mountain of the Puez-Geisler nature park. Alpine meadows, mountain pine forests, typical cabins and rocky landscapes. We'd recommend a break out our Sot Pütia hut.

    Monte Muro refuge

    Another excursion that's do-able practically the whole year round and is especially suitable with snow-shoes. You leave the car just before Passo delle Erbe or you take the bus which stops 100m from our pension. From here there's an enjoyable ascent to the Monte Muro hut from where you can continue on to the peak with a fantastic 360 degree view.